Short Courses

Call for Short Courses

The 115th Eastern Communication Association Convention

Hyatt Regency Boston/Cambridge, Cambridge, MA

March 20-24, 2024

Planner Email:  Christina McDowell –

2024 ECA Short Course Planner: Christina McDowell, Cornell University

Submission Format: ECA uses Attendee Interactive to manage submissions and reviews. This is the same system used by the National Communication Association so you may be familiar with it. The deadline for submissions is September 18, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PST.  All submissions must be uploaded through Attendee Interactive, which can be accessed at Please note that your Attendee Interactive login and your ECA Membership login may be different. If you do not already have an ECA Attendee Interactive account, you will be prompted to create an account with a new User ID and Password to submit your work.

What are short courses? Short courses are intended as training or hands-on informational sessions that can be presented in approximately 75 minutes.  Short course topics may address (a) teaching innovations; (b) areas of research; (c) new theoretical perspectives; (d) application of a body of knowledge; (e) skill development; or other topics of interest to scholars.

Individuals are encouraged to incorporate this year’s convention theme “Currents” into the design of their course proposals, whether this pertains to currents that shape the field, our scholarship, our teaching, or our outreach. How historical currents impacted our current study of communication? What currents technologies are shaping the study of communication? What current trends and movements are changing the directions of teaching, learning practices, and theorizing communication?

Submission Guidelines for Completed Submissions for Short Courses

These guidelines have been modified slightly to more accurately reflect the required fields that are part of the submission process.

  • Title - Title of the short course.
  • Participants - Names, full addresses, email addresses, and affiliations of all presenters/participants.
  • Description - A brief description of the short course is required; think of this as approximately 100-150 word abstract of your short course.
  • Categories – This pertains to Lambda Pi Eta membership of contributor(s).
  • Short Course Information - The next set of prompts asks for specific information about your short course:
    • AV Equipment – What specific needs does your short course require?
    • Learning Objectives – What are the pedagogical goals of the course?
    • Outline of Topics – What topics will your short course cover?
    • Special Requests
    • Target Audience – Who would most benefit from attending this course?
    • Teaching Methods – What are the pedagogical strategies you will use to accomplish each learning outcome (e.g., lecture, small group discussion, activity, etc.) and the corresponding description of the activity?
  • Preview the Submission
  • Finalize – This is where the statement of professional responsibility is noted.

    In submitting the attached short course, I/We recognize that this submission is considered a professional responsibility. I/We agree to present this short course if it is accepted and programmed. I/We further recognize that all who attend and present at ECA’s annual meeting must register and pay required fees

Any questions about short courses, and short course proposals should be sent to Christina McDowell at

**Date, Times, and Location for Short Courses will be available in January 2024

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