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Deadline October 15 for ECA 2014 Convention Submissions

Communities of Dissent: A Lively Experiment in
Dialogue, Diversity, and Discourse.

Providence Church SteepleThe October 15th submission deadline for ECA 2014 is bearing down on us rapidly. We're working hard to put together an outstanding conference. We are getting really positive feedback on the conference theme, and are being encouraged to embrace it in our programing as much as possible.  We want to try something this year. We want to get ECA members engaged in a common thread across interest groups as much as possible. Let's get at dissent in its many forms and contexts in the panels we put together. I'm looking for some good candidates for VP sponsored panels. Reach out and bring together some interesting combinations of people and ideas.

As such, I am proposing a plenary session to address the conference theme the first day of the conference, inviting a collection of leading ECA voices to address dissent or the lack thereof in the discipline. No other panels will be programmed at the same time. Our receptions will follow immediately thereafter.

I look forward to working with you in the weeks to come.


Tom Flynn
ECA Vice President

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