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ECA 2013 Convention - Call for Reviewers/Respondents/Panel Chairs for USC

Dear ECA Members:
I am in the process of getting the James C. McCroskey and Virginia P. Richmond Undergraduate Scholar’s Conference ready. As many of you know, the USC deadline (December 19th) is later than that of other divisions to ensure that students doing research in the fall semester can submit their completed work.
I am e-mailing the ECA membership requesting your help in a number of different ways. First, I need people who can review paper and panel submissions. My goal is to have the papers and panels e-mailed out no later than the 22nd of December, but I’ll need the reviews submitted by January 11th. If you can review papers for the USC, it will be greatly appreciated.
I’m also looking for potential respondents and chairs for the USC panels.
If you are interested in reviewing , chairing, or responding during the ECA USC, please visit my Survey Monkey web site and sign up:
Thanks in advance,
Jason S. Wrench
USC Conference Coordinator

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