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ECA 2024 ... Communication Traits Interest Group Call for Submissions


115th Annual ECA Convention: Currents, March 20 – 24, 2024, Hyatt Regency Cambridge-Boston, MA

Submission link for Communication Traits Interest Group

Welcome! At The Outset, Consider This Special Invitation

Submissions reflecting the convention theme of CURRENTS are ESPECIALLY WELCOME. As a specific example of how ‘currents’ might function, consider this example. A person might consider how a stream of research began, perhaps from a rhetorical tradition, and evolved as a major study of a trait. Stage fright was an area stemming from public speaking. Shyness was associated with stage fright. Communication apprehension especially identifies avoidance behaviors and predispositions characteristic of shy persons. Communication traits are not limited to social anxiety or approach-avoidance tendencies. Communication correlates of personality and temperament variables clearly follow from psychology streams of thought. There are many examples of how streams of thought across disciplines influenced communication message research, specifically traits. Connecting the streams to tributaries in your research reflects ECA’s 2024 Currents theme.

Perhaps, Consider the More Generic CTIG Stuff

Submissions to Communication Traits Interest Group (CTIG) might consider a variety of one or more traits, for example, argumentativeness, communication apprehension, disclosiveness, loneliness, receiver apprehensiveness, sense of humor, and verbal aggressiveness. One or more of these traits might be considered in their own right (for example, in a state of the art literature review) or how the trait(s) might have a communicative role in interpersonal/relational, small group, organizational, or public/community settings. Case studies and efforts to validate measures or replicate research. CTIG invites all forms of scholarship including, for example, individual papers, workshops, round table discussions, symposia, debates, panel discussions, and open fora. Submissions are due by September 18, 2023: CTIG Chair Lynda L. McCroskey ( ).

Although submissions to CTIG need not require participants from two or more institutions, such submissions are especially encouraged.  NOTE: If a submission has a chair and/or respondent, such individuals should not also be on the same panel in an additional capacity (such as “paper presenter”). Submissions should reflect rigor as well as creativity/originality. Submissions extending systematic and/or programmatic lines of research are especially encouraged.  

Finally, Consider That Universally Applicable ECA 2024 Protocols Require That the Following Guidelines Be Met For All Submissions Of Programs/Panel Proposals

Submission of program/panel proposals should include the following elements:

  1. A thematic title for the program.
  2. Names of the chair and respondents (if any). Chairs shall not also be respondent designees.
  3. Names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and institutional affiliations of all participants.
  4. Titles and abstracts for each paper or presentation.
  5. A program copy (no more than a 75-word description) as it should appear in the final program.
  6. A detailed rationale for the program/panel.
  7. A statement of professional responsibility (see end of this Call for Submissions for wording).

Additional Submission Guidelines for Complete Papers

Individual submissions of complete papers should include the following elements:

  1. The word “Debut” marked on all papers written by authors who have not presented previously at a regional or national convention.*          
  2. An abstract on the second page.
  3. A statement of professional responsibility.

* If the paper has multiple authors, please indicate who will be presenting at the convention.

If you have any questions, please contact me, ECA2024 CTIG Chair, Lynda L. McCroskey, (805) 550-9654 (text, also, okay).

Statement of Professional Responsibility

The following statement MUST be included with every submission of a paper or panel in order for it to be eligible for review. If not attached, with a submitted document, the chair is responsible for obtaining a completed copy of this form prior to the paper/panel officially programmed for presentation at the convention.

In submitting the attached paper or proposal, I/We recognize that we consider this submission our professional responsibility. I/We agree to present this panel or paper if it is accepted and programmed. I/We further recognize that all who attend and present at ECA’s annual meeting must register and pay required fees.

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