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LAST CALL for Executive Director - Eastern Communication Association

EXTENDED DEADLINE January 15, 2019

Call for Executive Director - Eastern Communication Association

ECA members are invited to submit nominations or self-nominations for the position of Executive Director. The incoming Executive Director will be appointed by the Executive Council in April 2019 for a term of office running from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021. All candidates who meet the membership requirements set forth in the ECA Constitution and Bylaws, are eligible to apply. Copies of the ECA Constitution and Bylaws are available at

The Executive Director is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. administration of Association funds;
  2. preparation of financial reports,
  3. membership reports and minutes;
  4. coordination of Association budgeting;
  5. distribution and tabulation of election ballots;
  6. publication and distribution of the ECA Newsletter. 

The Executive Director's daily responsibilities also include responding to inquiries about the Association and its work from members and other interested parties, directing the Association's administrative assistant for member services, working with other officers in planning the Association's annual meeting and additional duties as assigned by the Executive Council. The person selected must be able to attend all ECA and NCA annual meetings throughout the term of office. Questions about the position may be directed to the current President, Leeanne M. Bell McManus at

Nominees must be able to secure institutional support for this position, including financial support. Nomination materials should include: 

  • A letter of application emphasizing experience with budgetary management, financial knowledge and leadership along with the candidate’s vision for sustaining and growing current financial conditions to benefit the organization and its membership
  • Copy of current vita
  • A letter of institutional support
  • Three letters of recommendation that address the nominee's skills and experience in the following areas: interpersonal skills, organization skills, attention to detail, ability to prioritize and accomplish tasks in a timely manner, budget experience and personnel management

Nomination materials are due by January 15, 2019.  Please send nomination materials by electronic mail to:

Dr. Leeanne M. Bell McManus
ECA President

If letters of institutional support or recommendation cannot be sent electronically, please send them in paper form by January 15, 2019 to:  

Dr. Leeanne M. Bell McManus
2010 Bandy Ave
Eldersburg, MD 2178

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