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ECA - Upcoming Publication of the Handbook of Instructional Communication (2nd edition)

Hello COMM Friends! 

We are excited to announce the upcoming publication of the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Instructional Communication – due to publish on August 21, 2017. If you are teaching undergraduate or graduate courses in communication education, instructional communication, or teaching segments of learning and relationships in the classroom, you’ll want to check out this text!  Much has been added and updated to this new edition. Below are the 5 UNITS of the Handbook and after this message you will find the complete Table of Contents with contributing authors.

UNIT ONE – The Rhetorical Perspective of Instructional Communication

UNIT TWO – The Relational Perspective of Instructional Communication

UNIT THREE – Social Identity in the Instructional Environment

UNIT FOUR – Technology in the Instructional Environment

UNIT FIVE – Revisiting Instructional Communication Approaches & Methods

Though ready in time for Fall 2017, we understand many of you will be concerned about the tight timeline for receipt of the textbook.  Please know that we have been assured requests from prospective adopters will be prioritized. Thus, if you place your order in advance—whether for inspection copies or for full book orders—and specify any deadlines, editors at Routledge* will make every effort to meet your needs. 

** If you are interested in considering a copy for your classroom Fall 2017, please reach out to Laura Briskman (, Editor at Routledge. Be sure to specify whether you prefer an electronic or print version, as well as whether this is under a tight timeline. 

Thank you all for your support – we are very excited about this book and believe you will be impressed!

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