March 20 (2:05PM) - 24 (2:05PM), 2024

Using AI in the Basic Communication Course: A Primer

Interest Group: Short Course
Like it or hate it, AI in higher ed is here to stay. A survey done by found that 90% of business leaders in charge of hiring are scanning resumes for "ChatGPT skills" (2023). Despite these expectations, there is a gap in the implementation of AI in the classroom, in part because of lack of understanding and training (Petricini et. al., 2023). There are numerous valuable applications of AI, particularly generative AI, for communication courses. This course help participants with all levels of familiarity with AI understand what "it" (AI) is and how "it" works. Participants will be provided with an overview of different types of generators that could be useful to participants in their courses. They will also observe demonstrations and examples of assignments and in-class applications.


Matt Corr, Shenandoah University


Tiffany Petricini, Penn State University

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