March 20 (2:05PM) - 24 (2:05PM), 2024

Generative AI and Ethical Communication: Shaping the Current in Education

Interest Group: Short Course
Unveiling new possibilities for our global community requires action on a tremendous scale to ensure safety, connectivity, vitality, and an informed citizenry.

The world of generative AI is here, and a necessary response is training in how to sustain ethical communication while exploring and grasping new potential. Simultaneously, rising levels of hate and selfishness are targeting the most vulnerable. Our current dynamic fosters social division and endangers rational dialogue and evidence-based policymaking.

What factors should guide our response to new technological developments? Why have Americans become so depressed, lonely, and consumed by hate? This workshop is a move to engage answers. Our new community requires a better pedagogy of ethical communication. How do you disagree with someone constructively? We must become a culture invested in shaping individuals in ideals they can cling to when things get hard and offer practical guidance through the toughest challenges of our time.

This workshop addresses how the corresponding growth in technology and collapse in our structures for teaching ethical capacity threatens our future.


Heather Walters, Missouri State University  - Contact Me

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