Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Program is designed to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to attend the ECA convention with no convention registration fees. There are a limited number of Ambassador slots available.

NOTE:  This opportunity is *not* open to students who are on panels at the convention.

Undergraduate students who are interested in serving as ECA Student Ambassadors must complete an application and return it to ECA First Vice President, Thomas Flynn, by March 1, 2014. A completed convention registration form must accompany the application. If a student is selected as an ambassador, the convention registration fees will be waived.

Student Ambassadors will assist the Executive Director and First Vice President in the operations of the convention. In order to receive the registration fee waiver, Student Ambassadors must agree to work for a minimum of six hours during the convention. Specific duties may include helping with registration, staffing the local arrangements table, recording attendance at meetings and panels, and other duties assigned by either the Executive Director or First Vice President.

Please follow this link, Student Ambassador Duties, for a complete list of requirements.

Click Here to complete and submit your application.

For additional information, please contact:

ECA First Vice President, Thomas Flynn,

Undergraduate Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is designed to make convention attendance less intimidating for undergraduate students and to provide them with a financial incentive to participate in the 2014 conference. This program encourages undergraduates to attend the convention in pairs, on the "buddy system."

Two undergraduate students from the same college or university may attend the 2013 convention for the price of a single convention registration fee. There is no work requirement associated with this program.

Participants in the Buddy Program must register at the same time and must pay the single convention fee at the time of registration.

Please Note: This program is NOT open to students who are presenting papers or poster sessions at the 2014 convention. This program is NOT available to graduate students.

CLICK HERE to view and print the application or CLICK HERE to complete the form online.

Note: one form for every two students is required.

For additional information, please contact:

ECA First Vice President,  Thomas Flynn,